Viking Forge 

Starting out in 1988 supplying various hardware items for the trucking industry, Viking Forge has since expanded to serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive and defense, among others. Located in Streetborough, Ohio, Viking Forge employs over 130 people at their headquarters.

Viking Forge is dedicated to using technology to advance the science of forging. Using state of the art equipment and processes, Viking Forge is able to provide their customers with consistent, tight tolerance products at a competitive price.

Rich Jajcinovic is currently the Tool and Die Manager at Viking Forge. Starting with Viking Forge in 1995, their approach to forge dies and support tooling was much different than it is today, purchasing their supplies rather than making their own. This changed in 1998 as they set out to build their own tool & die shop.

Acquiring one machine at a time, starting with a CNC lathe and then a year later moving onto their first High-Speed mill, a Hermle C800V. As time went on, they gained more and more experience, and with that new experience came with it new machines. Even as the tool shop continued to grow, cavities and tooling beyond the capabilities of 3-axis mills still existed.

Things like deep cavities with little or no draft, small corner and radii or tooling with a lot of outside features had to be outsourced. Realizing these additional set-ups can be done with a 5-axis machine, Viking Forge began looking for a new machine. In 2007, they decided on the Hermle C1200U 5-Axis Mill.

Rich noticed early on the inherent complexity that comes with 5-axis machining, saying “I learned quickly that with all the moving components of full 5-axis machining I needed to see the tool path in motion before sending it to the machine.  It only took one surprising unanticipated twist and a ruined die to make me realize I needed more software.”

When shopping for solutions, he eventually decided on CAMplete TruePath in 2008. This decision was due to a couple of factors. The first being the close relationship CAMplete has with Hermle. Unlike other software companies, CAMplete works directly with the engineering department of select machine builders, providing support for all options and configurations a customer is able to purchase, allowing them to hit the ground running from day one.

This recommendation from Hermle was what led Rich to CAMplete TruePath, but the deciding factor was the fact that it provides a complete solution. As opposed to just offering simulation and verification, CAMplete TruePath also serves a universal post processor, eliminating the time and costs associated with the development of a custom post.

After a little learning they were able to make all the tooling that they used to send out. Noting, “We haven’t had to outsource a single die in a very long time.” When asked about the biggest benefit of CAMplete TruePath, Rich noted the ease and confidence it provided when transitioning into 5-axis.

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