TruePath 2019 Now Available

TruePath 2019 introduces new features to enhance user confidence and help them save even more time and money. These include automated workpiece datum probing, 3D rendering updates, simulation improvements, and enhanced program management. More information on the improvements include:

-Automated Work Piece Datum Probing Available on Request

Datum Probing

  • Quickly create probing routines to find datums using defined stock part features. Now programs will be ready to run with automated workpiece probing routines, eliminating time-consuming and error prone on machine development
  • Highly customizable post-processing engine provides nearly infinite control over the probing G-code

-3D View Updates

Improved Metal Shading

  • Realistic rendering including metal shading, reflection modeling, advanced lighting modeling and edge drawing, which all help highlight important geometric features
  • Enhanced highlighting mode to more clearly show selected objects in 3D
  • 3D Space Mouse support that works directly with the driver control panel UI
  • Hardware Driver Support for a wider variety of video cards, allowing users to run TruePath effectively on their existing laptop

-Simulation Improvements

Collision Mode Pausing

  • Collision Mode Pausing and Interpolation View allows the user to precisely examine all points of motion, even between programmed points
  • 3D Sectioning options to “slice” through parts, fixtures and machine components to clearly see the points of interest
  • Improved 3D collision visualization to easily see the interference of the 3D geometry Interactive machine jogging directly in the 3D View

-Program Management

G-Code Comparison Tool

  • Reload Operations from the source CAM files without losing edits to other operations, saving users time when fine-tuning individual operations
  • G-Code Comparison Tool compares edited G-Code to the original TruePath project. Simple changes can be automatically imported back into the TruePath project file to ensure tweaks are reflected in the original source CAM data.

“We are extremely excited to add automated workpiece datum setup to our capabilities. This is just one more way we continue to add value for our users. In addition, visualization, simulation and program management improvements in CAMplete TruePath 2019 will make life even easier for manufacturers using TruePath. With every release, we strive to maximize our users’ 5-axis Machine tool investments. We can’t wait to see what our customers will make next. ” – Jeff Fritsch, VP Sales & Marketing

If you’re on active maintenance, automatically download 2019 directly within TruePath. If not, contact us to get your software up to date, and running with the latest version.

Click here to learn more about TruePath.

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