TKM Machining Specialties

“We had a part that was bigger than the working envelope of the machine.”

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Matsuura
CAM System: GibbsCAM
Industry: Prototyping, Medical, Aerospace

Located in Hamilton, Ohio is a small machine shop that aims to make complex work, simple. TK Machining Specialties was started by Troy Kordenbrock, who today still holds 100 percent ownership. Troy came from a Tool and Die background before getting into niche machining. Starting the company in 2011, TK Machining Specialties has grown rapidly, especially in the last two years with the addition of their Matsuura 5-Axis machine.


Troy has always been ahead of the curve, looking at what is available on the market, and what can help his company both now and in the future. About 6 years ago, Troy heard about CAMplete when exploring the possibility of using a Matsuura machine in the future. Then, 2 years ago, TK Machining Specialties was ready to trade in their vertical machines and make the switch over to their Matsuura, an MX-520.


The biggest factor that lead Troy to CAMplete TruePath was his experience in dealing with post processors. Being a small shop, TK Machining Specialties was unable to spend 4-6 months going back and forth through trial and error figuring out their post. Unlike traditional post processors, Troy was drawn to TruePath as it was “By and large an out of the box solution.” Later adding, “On the first day of training we were running 5-axis simultaneous tool paths, never had I thought that would be possible coming from CAM Software to a brand-new machine on your floor.”


When asked what he relies on most with TruePath, Troy noted the power of collision checking, especially when getting close to the limits of the machine’s working envelope. Telling the story of a recently completed project, “We had a part that was larger than the working envelope. Having a true supplied solid of the machine from the builder that matches the machine on the floor makes you significantly more comfortable going into it than some third party putting a machine together that you’re not sure matches.”


TK Machining Specialties serves a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, and Medical, focusing on complex projects that are difficult for other small shops. To learn more about TK Machining Specialties visit their website here:  and @tkmsusa on Insatgram

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