Thunder Beast Arms

“We make a lot more parts. That is what it is all about.”

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Matsuura

Thunder Beast Arms was formed with one simple goal… make the best sound suppressors for precision and long-range shooting in the world. Thunder Beast understands that certain sacrifices can’t be made. All suppressors are optimized for accuracy, weight, and durability; while still maintaining best in class suppression levels.


With accuracy being their number one priority, they pride themselves on only selling products that they themselves would take into competition. Thunder Beast Arms baffle cores are made from 100 percent billet titanium, stainless steel, or Inconel depending on the model. To ensure part consistency, all baffles are machined for precision, not stamped.


Manufacturing their first suppressor in 2008, it wasn’t long before demand started to grow rapidly. To meet this demand Thunder beast has grown and continually added machine tools in their shop.


Recently, Thunder Beast ran into extended wait times with a key component of their suppressor, the muzzle brake. This bottle neck in their production process led them to look for a new machine to help them meet demand. After deciding between a number of options; Thunder Beast eventually opted for a MX-330 from Matsuura.


The decision to go for the MX-330 was based on a number of factors, with the largest being the small footprint of the machine. When deciding between machines, Kurtis Palu, Engineer at Thunder Beast had recently visited another shop that was running a MX-520, after seeing the machine in action he knew it was the right decision.


On top of the small footprint of the machine, a bonus feature that was a kicker in their decision was the fact that Truepath came standard with the purchase of their machine. Being as this was their first 5-Axis machine, the addition of a reliable post processing and verification solution made the transition much easier.


Palu commented on this, noting “TruePath gives me confidence when running a program. Being able to see it on the computer before the machine, I now trust it completely.”


Not only has the addition of their new Matsuura allowed Thunder Beast Arms to almost completely eliminate the bottle neck caused by the muzzle brakes, it is also being used for 9 other unique parts. To keep up with this workload, the MX-330 runs all day, lights out.


When asked the impact that the addition of Matsuura and TruePath has had at their shop, Palu stated: “We make a lot more parts. That is what it is all about. The more chips you can make, the more money it is going to make you.”


To learn more about Thunder Beast Arms, Visit their website here:

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