Precise Products

“When getting started with 5-Axis machining, mistakes can and do happen.”

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Matsuura
CAM System: GibbsCAM
Industry: Prototyping, Medical, Aerospace

Precise Products Corporation, a 100 percent employee-owned company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, operates with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction. Established in 1956, Precise Products has built off this customer satisfaction, meeting customer needs time after time through their wide range of capabilities.


With experience in prototyping, production and assembly spanning across a wide array of industries, and materials, one fact that remains consistent across the board is their dedication to close tolerance precision machining. Using their high-quality equipment, Precise Products is able to meet their customers’ most difficult tolerance requirements with both short and long production runs.


As a company that has quality built into every production process, and engineers who are experts in their field, Precise Products is able to improve their customers manufacturing efficiencies without jeopardizing the integrity of the product.

We were able to speak to two of these employees, Jason Wennberg, Vice President of Engineering and Ward Wakefield, an engineer at Precise Products about their implementation of CAMplete TruePath as they moved into 5-axis machining.


Their first Matsuura Machine was a Cublex 25V, which they were able to get up and running with CAMplete TruePath in under a day, noting that “it’s pretty easy to load your fixture and part and run it” later adding that it was “really easy to set-up.”


When asked about their favorite feature of CAMplete TruePath, both had different things to share. For Ward, he noted the ability to provide true G-code simulation as opposed to what would be provided within a CAM System. When getting started with 5-axis toolpaths, mistakes can and do happen, Ward explained: “CAMplete Truepath catches all your collisions, machine time isn’t wasted just sitting there, it’s a gamechanger for us.”


When discussing this, Jason Wennberg interjected with a story rather than a specific feature:


“For me – there were a couple parts we did where we had a customer who was doing a very difficult part, they came in and wanted to see the tool paths that we would be using on a certain part. I was able to go into Gibbs and then optimize it in TruePath, and then I was able to show them the video rendering of what our plan was, and we were awarded the part because of that. Showing them that we were going to do it the correct way. The competitor of ours was doing more of 3+2 Programming on that feature but it needed to be simultaneous 5-axis. We hadn’t done much of that before that, by using TruePath we were able to see that it would work.”


Precise Products now also run another Matsuura as well, this one being an MX-330. To learn more about Precise Products and their capabilities visit their website here:

“CAMplete Truepath catches all your collisions, machine time isn’t wasted just sitting there, it’s a gamechanger for us.”

First 5-Axis Machine?

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