Although they had done some positional 3+2 work in the past, they did not have a machine that was a true simultaneous 5-Axis.

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Matsuura
Industry: Prototyping

Plethora is an innovative, smart manufacturing company located in California. Their instant feedback software connects users directly to a factory through a CAD add-in, working directly within Siemens NX, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, or as a web-app platform. This CAD add-in provides users with an instant quote and manufacturing feedback on their CAD model.


Plethora’s software converts the 3D files and specs they receive into the code needed to run on the machine directly within their own factory. By working through every step of the process, Plethora can ensure the part their customers receive, exactly matches the part their customers designed.


Plethora is the intersection between hardware and software that is disrupting the industry. Their innovation has garnered them funding from notable investors, from Google Ventures to Autodesk. As Plethora continues their rapid growth, we are excited to play a role within that.

In 2017, Plethora expanded their 5-Axis Machining Capabilities with the addition of a new Matsuura CNC Machine. The precision offered by the Matsuura MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center made it a perfect fit for a company built on a foundation of accurate and reliable production parts.


Plethora’s Senior Prototype Machinist, Michael von Sothen had this to say about CAMplete TruePath:

“With the addition of the Matsuura MX-520 and CAMplete software we have been able to run multiple parts at a time with simultaneous 5 axis toolpaths and have the confidence to run the programs without collisions. This increases our productivity by keeping the doors shut and the spindle running for longer periods of time”


“We purchased the Matsuura MX-520 from Selway and their applications engineers came on site for hands-on training with the machine and CAMplete software. The training covered everything we needed to get up and running customer parts on the first day with confidence, and all of the questions and roadblocks I’ve encountered since then have been addressed with urgency by Selway’s application engineers.”


Learn more about Plethora here:

First 5-Axis Machine?

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