Moulexpert is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molds that was founded in 2001. With over 20 employees and a long list of achievements, Moulexpert has become a leader in Eastern Canada in the design and manufacture of multi-cavity injection molds for the thin wall packaging sector. After years rebuilding molds for customers producing thin-walled containers for food and other consumer products, Moulexpert now uses its five-axis machining capability to manufacture precision, thin-wall container molds of its own design.

When moving into the world of 5-Axis Machining, like anything else, there is a learning curve. However, despite the complexity of 5-axis machining, Moulexpert was running their Mikron HPM 1350U in less than 3 weeks. Previously, when using 3-axis machines, multiple setups were required to for each face of the block and also for each hole that was not perpendicular to those faces. With 5-axis machining, jobs that would require 10 to 25 setups can now be completed in just 2. Even before deciding on the Mikron from GF Machining Solutions, Moulexpert knew that simulation software would be essential to their transition into 5-axis machining. When discussing their options with GF, Moulexpert learned about CAMplete TruePath.

CAMplete has close relationships with high-end machine tool builders like GF Machining Solutions who provide CAMplete with 3D models of all standard and optional machine components. This enables TruePath users to perform very accurate and detailed simulation in real time to detect and avoid collisions, view material removal, see the difference between the programmed five-axis tool path and the actual path the tool will follow, identify over-travel cutter positions and so on.

TruePath does more than just simulate the movements of the machine, it also generates postprocessors for all major CAM Systems. While most post-processors do not account for the complex, non-linear motion unique to each machine, CAMplete TruePath generates error-free code tailored to the machine. Nadeau says he purchased the optional TruePath software package because he, “appreciated this close integration of simulation, postprocessing and machine. It seemed like a plug-and-play solution.”

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