Mission Tool

Mission Tool is a dynamic business that specializes in precision stamped and machined components. A key to 50 years of success for Mission Tool is their capabilities to suit every need, ensuring quality and precision from blueprint to finished product for every single customer. MTM now employs over 50 employees in their 30,000 Square foot facility.

One of these employees is Engineering Manager, Dave Decker. Decker has been at MTM for 5 years now, with one of the major reasons for him being brought in being the companies move into 5-axis machining. The “forward progression” at MTM was one that according to Decker, was “written on the wall”. A long time Matsuura shop, it was time for an upgrade, therefore in 2015 MTM upgraded to two Matsuura MAM 72-63V’s.

When deciding on posting and verification software, TruePath was the inevitable choice. Noting, “After seeing videos of the software in action it looked like other verification software’s on the market, and then some, it was kind of a no-brainer.”

When asked about the impact TruePath has had at MTM, Decker noted the time savings it provides. Stating, “when I hit post it’s done, and I know it’s done. I just need to take the posted file from the machine and stick it in the fastems.” These time savings have had an impact not just on how MTM operates their shop, but also how fast they are able to turn around completed parts.

Decker added, “We have been told several times by customers that they like that we think outside the box. We are able to think like this largely because CAMplete TruePath allows us to see parts in ways that we otherwise would not be able to.”

Learn more about Mission Tool at their website here: http://missiontool.com/