Matsuura USA Case Study

Matsuura USA has recently shared a case study to their website that was previously featured in Modern Machine Shop. This case study goes into detail about how MAC Machine Company drastically reduced set-up times using TruePath Software and Matsuura Multi-Pallet systems.

The shop used CAMplete TruePath Software to bridge the gap between their CAM System and their Matsuura Machine. Shop foreman, John Leonard stated that TruePath Software gives them an invaluable edge over the competition which he believes was a key part in their companies success with lights-out machining.

With multi-pallet systems and CAMplete software, MAC Machine Shop was able to make some very impressive improvements. These include, a 30 percent reduction in labour rate, a 70 percent reduction in the number of cycles required to machine a part, and an 85 percent reduction in set up time.

To learn more about this success story visit the Matsuura website site here: or, to learn more about how our partnership can help you with your 5-Axis Machining visit our page dedicated to Matsuura.

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