CAMplete Machine Partner - YASDA

Customers can trust YASDA’s commitment to accuracy as they are so confident in their machines they only use YASDA machines to make YASDA machines.  Users can expect long-term precision and rigidity, with YASDA machine features like robust guide ways mounted onto meticulously hand scraped surfaces. YASDA ensures that every CNC Jig Borer, Precision Center, Precision Center 5-Axis and Micro Center meets your exacting standards. With their partnership with CAMplete, TruePath comes standard on any YASDA machine purchased. This gives customers the guarantee that their CNC Machine will be equipped with the verification, optimization and post-processing software needed to get the job done right.

YASDA offers the machining solutions listed below. For more information on CAMplete and your YASDA machines, visit Methods Machine Tools on their website here:


YASDA’s H40i is improving versatile performances in its 5-faces indexing application and complex simultaneous 5-axis applications, due to its high rigidity and high accuracy. This outstanding performance results not only in less setting up, but also in total profitability due to many factors saving machining cost.

CAMplete Machine Partner - YASDA H40i  YASDA H40i Simulation


YASDA developed the 5-axis PX30i machine to supply customers with top quality, highly reliable machine tools for the machine shop market and OEM users.  The PX30i is outstanding in versatile 5-axis applications, precision in parts, drilling, face milling, boring, and milling. The PX30i is also excellent for hardened steel, tough materials like titanium and inconel.

CAMplete Machine Partner - YASDA PX30i  YASDA PX30i Simulation



This 5-Axis Precision Horizontal Machining Center provides the accuracy and performance required to machine the most difficult-to-cut materials. A unique rotary table design and exceptionally rigid machine structure provide high performance machining of heat-resistant materials, such as titanium and Inconel.

CAMplete Machine Partners - YASDA YMB7Ti  Yasda-YBM7Ti Simulation



YASDA’s YMB10T-100TT machine was developed by fully putting YASDAʼs advanced concepts and the technology to manufacture traditional high-precision machining centers into it. The subject is “high-precision and high-quality profiling of difficult-to-cut materials.” This large five-axis machine realizes the above subject with excellent efficiency. It is a superior machine which achieves a higher degree of confidence and unlimited possibility.

CAMplete Machine Partner - YASDA YBM 10T-100TT  YASDA YBM 10T-100TT CAMplete Simulation


YASDA’s YBM-Vi40 is a 5-Axis Vertical CNC Jig Boring-Milling Machine designed for highly accurate milling of  hard materials, complex dies, molds and components such as medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, among others.

YASDA YBM Vi40YASDA YBM Vi40 Simulation


YASDA Micro Center YMC430 is a state-of-the-art, high-end machine. It serves the rapidly increasing demands for ultra-precision and high surface quality milling in the fields of medical equipment parts, IT related parts, high precision miniature die and mold, among others where the technologies are constantly advancing.

CAMplete Machine Partners - YASDA YMC 430  YASDA YMC 430 Simulation