Nakamura-Tome is a premier multi-tasking turning center manufacturer, offering more than 20 twin spindle machine configurations. From raw stock to complete parts in one setup, Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machines can reduce cycle times and eliminate extra operations. CAMplete TurnMill exclusively supports Nakamura-Tome’s full line of Multi-Tasking, Multi-Function machining centers.

By including CAMplete TurnMill on their machines, Nakamura-Tome ensures a safe and optimum NC program is obtained the first time while also reducing machine downtime and program prove out. CAMplete TurnMill is a unique and integrated software solution that intelligently post-processes, simulates and optimizes for Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machines in a single platform. NC programmers can use TurnMill to generate a proven NC program, using input from their CAM system. After the NC code is generated, CAMplete TurnMill is used to accurately simulate and optimize the program.

Nakamura-Tome offers 5 Series of machining solutions listed below. For more information on CAMplete and your Nakamura-Tome machines, visit Methods Machine Tools in North America here: or via Engineering Technology Group for the UK and Ireland here:

Multi-Turret Series

CAMplete Machine Partner - Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100  Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100 CAMplete Simulation

CAMplete Machine Partner - Super NTY3CAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - Super NTY3


Super Multitasking Series 

CAMplete Machine Partner - Super NTMXCAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - Super NTMX

CAMplete Machine Partner - Super NTJCAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - NTJ

CAMplete Machine Partner - Super NTJXCAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - NTJX

CAMplete Machine Partner - Super NTRX300CAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - NTRX 300


WT Series
CAMplete Machine Partner - WT 300CAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - WT 300

CAMplete Machine Partner - WT 250IICAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - WT 250II

CAMplete Machine Partner - WT 150CAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - WT 150


SC Series

CAMplete Machine Partner - AS200LCAMplete TurnMill Machine Simulation - AS200L