At Grob Group, their customers and their products are of the utmost importance. Operating under family ownership since 1926, Grob has grown into an international corporation, employing over 6000 employees worldwide. Decades of experience, high machine quality, and timely delivery guarantee Grob customers technical support in all areas of production. By working closely with their customers, Grob understands the problems their users face, allowing them to optimize their production systems around real world solutions.

Grob currently offers three 5-Axis Universal Machining Centers. These Machines serve a wide range of industries from medical to aerospace.  The swiveling/rotary table and the horizontally arranged spindles ensure a high degree of productivity, best accessibility and high stability. The X- and Z- axes of these machines are located on the tool side, with the Y- axis and (A/B-axis) overhung in the workpiece.

CAMplete TruePath is available for purchase on all Grob Universal Machining Centers sold in North America. Equipping your Grob CNC machine with CAMplete’s verification, post-processing and simulation software, saves users both time and money. To learn more about CAMplete and your Grob Machine visit their website here: 

Grob Universal Machining Centers

The universal machining centers G350, G550 and G750 successfully complement the G-series and open up an even larger application range for the existing G-modules. As all modules from the G-series, they originate from the same modular construction system, are characterized by their compact design and enable excellent visibility and best accessibility to the work areas.

Grob G350

Grob G350 - Generation 1   Grob G350 Simulation

Grob G350 Generation 2

Grob G350 - Generation 2 Grob G350 Generation 2 Simulation

Grob G550

Grob G550 - Generation 1Grob G550 Simulation

Grob G750

Grob G750 Generation 1Grob G750 Simulation