Doosan Machine Tools America

Doosan Machine Tools is a global provider of world-class turning centers and machining centers. Their product line spans over 300 fast, efficient and reliable machines that are ideal for their customers’ applications.

Doosan Machine Tools America offers a complete lineup of turning and machining centers for small to large sized parts. The high-speed, high-precision 5-axis machining centers enable ultra-high-precision, simultaneous 5-axis control for aviation and medical parts, and five-sided machining centers offer economically feasible multi-facet/complex shape machining, depending on customer needs. CAMplete TruePath will be available for purchase for all Doosan Machine Tools America milling machines. Equipping your machine with CAMplete TruePath’s verification, post processing and simulation software will save users time and money.

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Why TruePath?

  • Proven Post Processor
  • Full G-Code Verification
  • Easily Edit Your Post
  • Model Directly from the Builder
  • Overtravel Collision Detection
  • Multiple CAM Systems
  • Complete Package without Add-ons

Vertical 5-Axis Machines

DVF 5000



DNM 200/5AX


DNM 350/5AX

FM200 5AX

VC 650/5AX
Doosan VC 650



Horizontal High-Speed

NHP 4000

Vertical High Productivity & Heavy Duty

Mynx 5400

Vertical Multi-Purpose

The multi-purpose column-moving machining center can control a 3-to-5-axis system.

Doosan VCF-850