Mac Machine Company

Learn more about how Mac Machine was able to reduce set-up 85 percent. 

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builders: Matsuura
Industry: Aerospace

Founded in 1976, Mac Machine has spent over 40 years serving various industries. Although originally founded to create precise aerospace components, Mac Machine has expanded to other sophisticated industries such as defense and medical.


What makes Mac Machine special? Their ability to take on projects others won’t. Because of this it won’t come as a surprise that Mac Machine Company has been recognized for their work.


In 2008, Mac Machine won Matsuura’s international five-axis machining competition. In doing so, they also created a process that would allow them to take on similar, complex aerospace projects.


Mac Machine stays at the forefront of advanced manufacturing by encouraging their employees to take full advantage of the tools provided. In this situation, one of those tools was CAMplete TruePath.


TruePath is used to bridge the gap between the CAM system and the machines. Jon Leonard, shop foreman at the time, saw the important role CAMplete TruePath plays in the company’s success with lights-out machining, he had this to say:


“Today, an operator can preview the entire routine and anticipate and correct potential issues before any machining even starts. This drastically reduces setup times and gives us an invaluable edge over the competition.”


This high praise was echoed by then-President George McNabb, who stated:“Unattended machining has allowed us to operate second and third shifts with fewer machinists. This has effectively reduced our labor rate by 30 percent and has allowed us to be more competitive.”


Overall, with multi-pallet systems from Matsuura and CAMplete Software, Mac Machine was able to reduce set-up times by 85 percent. Combining this with the 70 percent decrease in cycle time and the previously mentioned reduction in labor rate, Mac Machine is a perfect example of how CAMplete can save your company time and money.


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