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Jim Kinsler was originally opposed to TruePath, seeing it as another software to learn and another step in the process. Read how his opinion has changed. 

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Matsuura
Industry: Automotive

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Now a second-generation shop, Kinsler Fuel Injection has been servicing the motorsports industry for over 50 years. From NASCAR to boats to sand drags, and everything in between, Kinsler has been involved in every aspect of motorsports. Although the company still serves the motorsport industry, recently they have expanded into other aspects of advanced manufacturing as well.


One purchase they made to facilitate this move, and better serve their motorsports customers was the addition of a Matsuura MX-520 5-Axis Machine.


When purchasing the Matsuura, company President Jim Kinsler was originally opposed to the idea of CAMplete TruePath. In his eyes it was another software to learn and another step added to the process. However, as time went on, Jim eventually learned that the TruePath didn’t slow down production, but instead has helped Kinsler Fuel Injection save time and inevitably, money.


With TruePath, Kinsler will run the simulation, and once it gets to a certain point, begin to run it through the machine. Jim noted, “Because TruePath is so much faster than the machine, I can start the part knowing that if a collision is going to happen on the machine, TruePath will catch it before it does.” Later adding, “TruePath helps us increase productivity by letting the machine run. The time that we would spend at the machine can instead be spent improving the program, increasing the quality of our parts as well.”


Collision checking is what Jim relies on the most when it comes to TruePath. The solid model provided by Matsuura is a huge feature for him as it ensures that “everything matches.” TruePath gives Jim the confidence to “run the machine without having to babysit it.” Also adding, “I feel confident enough with TruePath that I can grab a coffee with the machine running at 100 percent feed rate.”


When asked about the impact that TruePath has had at Kinsler, Jim noted that “Without TruePath we would certainly have had horrendous crashes, we haven’t had any collisions in over 3000 hours of run time.”


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Without TruePath we would certainly have had some horrendous crashes, we haven't had any collisions in over 3000 hours of run time.

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