Mold and Die

Previously, due to the hard materials required for Mold and Die, and the complexity associated with 5 axis machining, most mold and dies shops worked solely with 3 axis machines. However, due to the superior finishes and tight tolerances required in Mold and Die Manufacturing today, 5-Axis Machining has become a crucial tool needed to achieve success.


Every step in the process affects your finished result. Your post processor and machine simulation are no exception. CAMplete TruePath serves as the link between your CAM System and your milling machines. Because CAMplete TruePath simulates the true motion of your machine you know that you are getting the best results possible. Find and correct problem areas before you ever load a tool in the spindle. 


If you make large, complex parts with long machining times you need things done right, the first time, every time, with CAMplete TruePath you get that.


Fairway Injection Molds

Matt Metzinger used CAMplete TruePath on his first ever 5-Axis job and never looked back. 



Moulexpert relies on the proven integration of simulation, post processing and machine.

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At CAMplete we work with customers ranging from Fortune 50 companies to smaller job shops. We believe that if we can work for them, we can work for you. Want to learn more? Check out what they have to say about us below.

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