Since 1977 Fairway Injection Molds has been engineering and manufacturing some of the most demanding high precision molds in the industry. The primary goal at Fairway has always been the success of their client’s products. Fairway has been able to achieve this goal over the decades through continuously investing in the latest technology and equipment on the market.

One of those investments at Fairway was in post processing and verification software, more specifically, CAMplete TruePath. Matt Metzinger, 5-Axis CNC Programmer at Fairway had experience with TruePath, using it on his first ever 5-axis job. This was a major deciding factor in their purchase of it for their Mikron HSM400u. Noting that working with the software in the past allowed him to, “see how powerful of a tool it was.” This extends beyond the value of the software itself into the support that comes with it. Adding, “the support given is priceless, it makes a lot of difference around here.”

Originally purchasing TruePath for their Mikron in 2007, they have since purchased a seat for their Quaser MF500 and most recently for their Kern Micro. TruePath is now used by 3 different programmers at Fairway, each using it primarily for the machine they work with. Metzinger noted the value of being able to switch between machines depending on the job, praising the “flexibility to take a job from the Kern and move it over to the Mikron with ease.”

When asked the biggest impact TruePath has had at Fairway, Metzinger noted the ability to save time. Adding, “when one job is running I am able to verify and change the tool paths of the next job, so it’s ready to go when the previous job is done. I just have to load the part and program and go for it.” TruePath doesn’t just minimize the machine downtime at Fairway, it also, “allows us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to without it. We have eliminated the need for EDM on recent parts, giving us additional time savings there.  We are also able to turn things around quicker because we are making real chips instead of proving out a program on the machine.”

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