CAMplete and St. Clair College

St. Clair college located in Windsor Ontario, Canada, recently announced its growth into the formerly private Valiant Training and Development Centre also in Windsor. Together the two aim to build on the foundation of the important work that was started by the Valiant TMS Group back in 2008. The goal of the training center is to hire and develop specialized skilled trade locally, to meet the needs of the rapidly changing manufacturing industry. In order to do so, the center developed a a unique 46-week training program called, “Earn While You Learn”. The program gives students the opportunity to develop the necessarily skills, while earning money. The “Earn While You Learn” program includes 6 weeks of in-class workplace readiness training and 36 weeks of intensive shop-floor training at the Training Centre, upon graduating the program each student receives a certificate from the CTMA (Canadian Tooling & Machining Association). The in-school portion of the program includes math skills, safety training, and blueprint reading classes. The shop floor components see students exposed to numerous state-of-the-art equipment including CNC machines. Both programs are funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG)

CAMplete is honored to be participating in St. Clair College’s educational efforts by providing seats of its software, CAMplete TruePath. This will help the college’s efforts for students to develop specialized skills in the latest 5 axis technology to address the changing needs of the manufacturing industry. Although the relationship with St. Clair College has just begun, CAMplete Solutions Inc. is committed to playing an active role in facilitating such a great opportunity for Ontario’s youth. Between the “Earn While You Learn” program and two others offered at the center, more than 400 students have been given a great start with one of the 36 industry partners in the community. The objective for 2017 is to push an additional 300 students through the program. If proven a success at the Training Centre in Windsor, Industry Canada will implement the same program in the 24 colleges in Ontario; presenting the community with a great opportunity to provide industry with new ways to encourage our youth to explore a career in the manufacturing sector.