Chandler Industries

“I have never trusted a post processor this much​.”

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
CAM System: Mastercam
Machine Builder: Matsuura
Industry: Aerospace, Medical, Defense

Chandler Industries was founded in 1962 by Chandler Olson. Starting out as a modest machine shop, Chandler Industries has grown substantially through organic means as well as strategic acquisitions. Today, Chandler Industries employs over 300 people across their five facilities. 


Chandler aims to be the supplier of choice for customers within the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and highly engineered Industrial Markets for manufacturing partners who are seeking very specified machining, fabrication and assemblies. Chandler Industries is uniquely positioned to offer their customers truly tailored solutions by drawing on the manufacturing expertise of their five operating divisions. These 5 facilities allow them to provide a cost-effective supply chain solution.


Mark Banaszak, now a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Chandler, joined the company in 2009 as a Senior Programmer. Mark uses CAMplete TruePath to bridge the gap between Mastercam and the Matsuura MX-520 at Chandler. The ease of use between TruePath and Mastercam is one reason why Mark is such a strong advocate of both software’s, commenting, “The transfer between TruePath and Mastercam is very easy and smooth, I am extremely happy that the plug-in is there. The process to transfer everything takes maybe a minute.”

The transfer between TruePath and Mastercam is very easy and smooth, I am extremely happy that the plug-in is there. The process to transfer everything takes maybe a minute.

Although 5-axis machines were already a part of the process at Chandler Industries, the need for faster machines led them to look for other options. Under the direction of Executive Vice President Tom Ryan, Chandler Industries purchased their Matsuura MX-520 in 2015. When Chandler first purchased their Matsuura’s, Mark was notified that they came with CAMplete TruePath for post processing and verification. Originally thinking they would go to a third-party developer for post processing Mark decided to test TruePath ahead of time. The results? “Once I tried TruePath, I never looked back.” Adding, “I wish every machine builder had TruePath. I have never trusted a post processor this much.”

I wish every builder came with TruePath, I have never trusted a post processor this much.

The importance of a solid post processor is especially true at Chandler Industries due to the large size of the programs. “Some of our programs are over four million lines long. We can’t possibly look at the code. We must trust it, and TruePath certainly delivers! I see other companies struggling to get a good post. With TruePath we’ve never even bumped a part, the machine or any of the fixtures, and it’s not like we are doing easy projects. A lot of the programs we run use the entire travel envelope of the machine”


As with any shop floor, machine time at Chandler is one of the most expensive parts of the equation, especially when it comes to 5-axis machines. This is where TruePath makes the biggest difference for Mark Banaszak, noting, “TruePath allowed me to hit the ground running from day one. Even today, it allows me to have everything ready, verified and good to go while at the desk, we just have to load in the tools and material and Truepath does the rest.”


Adding, “Truepath allows utilization of the machine to be 100 percent. Because you know TruePath is going to give you good code, you don’t have to test the program at the machine. Because a crash isn’t going to occur, you know there is not going to be downtime for repairs.”


5-Axis Machining, once a daunting and advanced idea, is today the new normal on shop floors around the world. Banaszak commented on this, noting, “5 axis machining has actually become one of the easiest and smoothest running parts of our shop, this is because of the advancements in technology, one of those advancements being CAMplete TruePath”

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