Chad Chmura

Applications Engineer at CNC Software

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
CAM System: Mastercam
Machine Builder: Haas, MC Machinery, Makino, Grob

Chad Chmura has been at CNC Software as an Applications Engineer for 5 years now, however, his relationship with Mastercam can be traced back much further. Chad started using Mastercam in the 9th grade while attending a Connecticut Technical High School. He eventually became the Valedictorian at his Technical High School, earning himself a Presidential Scholarship to the University of Connecticut School of Engineering. 


While there, Chad continued his path in the Design and Manufacturing concentration, even working once as a TA in a class that covered Mastercam programming. After all of this, it was no surprise that Mastercam hired Chad immediately following his graduation.


Chad has always been passionate about cars, which is what in turn has driven his passion for machining. Therefore, it is fitting that his first run-in with TruePath came while working with the Haas F1 Team. After seeing the impact TruePath had in their shop he began to use the software himself.


His first use of the post processing and verification software was on the Space Station Docking Ring project. Noting, “In the past, with our more difficult demo parts, we would have to prove out the program via trial and error at the machine. Before TruePath, we would never get it right on the first try. We would always have to go back and make changes, as there were always little things you couldn’t know until you were on the machine. With TruePath we were instantly getting through our most complex parts on the first try.”


This project is just one example of the impressive work Chad does. Another example would be the B-Pillar Punch demo part. This part, cut on a MC Machinery LU-620, went from a stock weight of 92.5 pounds to a final weight of 17.7 pounds. Chad notes, “This was a complicated program but with CAMplete TruePath we did not have any surprises in 19 hours of run time. I was able to focus on filming the part instead of worrying about a collision.”


Chad is an invaluable asset to his customers and the perfect example of the close and complementary relationship between TruePath and Mastercam. Commenting on the two together, Chad noted “Mastercam and TruePath are the perfect pairing. With Mastercam you can generate amazing tool motions, and TruePath makes sure they work in the real world.”


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Learn more about Mastercam on their website here. 

Mastercam and TruePath are the perfect pairing. With Mastercam you can generate amazing tool motions, and TruePath makes sure they work in the real world.

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