CAMplete TruePath software offers more than just serving as a SOLIDWORKS CAM Post processor. TruePath’s integrated suite also includes verification and simulation tools dedicated to 5-axis machining centers. The versatile and flexible software package offers the end user everything needed to analyze, verify and simulate multi-axis tool paths in a 3D environment.

SOLIDWORKS CAM uses rules-based technology that enables users to integrate design and manufacturing in one application, connecting design and manufacturing teams through a common software tool and 3D model.

Powered by CAMWorks, SOLIDWORKS CAM is an add-on to all versions of SOLIDWORKS CAD. This integration lets users prepare designs for manufacturability earlier in the development cycle. Manufacturing tasks that had to wait until a design was complete can now be performed concurrently with the design process.

SOLIDWORKS CAM comes in four available packages, allowing users to pick the CAM package that is right for them. These options include CAM Standard, CAM Professional, CAM Machinist Standard, and CAM Machinist Professional.

TruePath bridges the gap between SOLIDWORKS CAM and your 5-axis milling machine. Collision detection and material removal simulation take the guesswork out of the process by providing an accurate representation of what will happen on the machine. TruePath comes equipped with specific file handlers that read the data from your CL Data Files directly from SOLIDWORKS CAM.