Esprit CAM System
CAMplete TruePath software offers more than just serving as a Esprit Post processor. TruePath’s integrated suite also includes verification and optimization tools dedicated to 5-axis machining centers. The versatile and flexible software package offers the end user everything needed to analyze, verify and simulate multi-axis tool paths in an 3D environment.

Like CAMplete TruePath, Esprit can meet any industry’s 5-axis machine tool requirements. The software offers an easy-to program interface to allow users to work their 5-axis machine tool to its full potential.ESPRIT provides a powerful composite milling cycle, a high speed spiral finishing cycle, a 4-axis roughing cycle and a high performance barrel tool cycle for 5-axis finishing and semi-finishing. ESPRIT also offers special application strategies for machining blisks, impellers and turbines.

Some more 5-axis benefits from Esprit include world class finished part quality, superb machining precision and smooth CNC machine kinematics, just to name a few. This combined the compatibility to work with all 5-axis machine tools including Matsuura and Hermle, makes using Esprit with CAMplete both simple and seamless.

TruePath bridges the gap between Esprit and your 5-axis milling machine. It provides everything needed to analyze, modify, optimize and simulate 5-Axis tool paths in a 3D environment. Collision detection and material removal simulation takes the guess work out of the process by providing an accurate representation of what will happen on the machine.   TruePath comes equipped with specific file handlers that read the data from your CL Data Files directly from Esprit.