University of New Mexico

“I am not worried or concerned a student is going to be making a part.”

Quick Facts:

Product Used: CAMplete TruePath
Machine Builder: Haas
Industry: Education

University of New Mexico

Commencing its operations in 1931, the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico has since awarded over 2500 degrees, ranging from Bachelors up to PhD. Mechanical engineering students first encounter the machine shop in ME 260L Design 2. In the accompanying lab students get hands on time with mills and lathes.


Recently, UNM started giving students the choice of going into the cleanroom to learn how to etch silicon wafers or they can learn the basics of CNC. This class introduces students to a wide range of manufacturing, from machining to clean room.


During a student’s senior year they then have the option between a class focusing around Formula SAE, Solar Splash or Space Port America Cup, in which they design, build and launch rockets. These require students to use the skills they learned in ME260 to manufacture different components for their respective competitions.


The opportunities afforded to these tournaments are driven by advancements in manufacturing. As manufacturing, and the technology that drives it continue to advance, so to has the tools used by the University of New Mexico. One of these tools, is CAMplete TruePath.


In late 2018, following the purchase of a Haas VF2- TRT-100 Trunnion, after coming across the software online, Shop Manager Jason Church, saw the value in verification for their machine with what they are doing and reached out.


“I called, it was easy, you guys had a proven solution, and the price was right for education, so I didn’t even have to shop around.”


Adding, “Running 5-Axis parts get’s a little scary sometimes, and I saw that with TruePath it would make things easier and I wouldn’t have to struggle with things like a post. When things are busy here, we don’t have time for stuff not to work. I need to get projects done and TruePath makes that easy.”


This confidence goes beyond the work he does for various students and professors inside the shop, it also extends to students operating the machine as well. An error at the machine can mean thousands of dollars in repairs, but as an educator, the problem gets worse. If the machine is down, not only can you not make parts, but you also can’t provide students with the hands-on learning opportunities that set them apart from their competition when entering the job market.


This is where TruePath comes in. TruePath is an easy-to-use application that takes you from your CAM System to your machine efficiently and safely. Using toolpath data from all industry leading CAM Systems, TruePath’s customizable post-processor allows you to output your NC programs the way you need, with no on-machine editing required. 5-axis simulation, visualization and verification tools give you the confidence of knowing how your machine will behave before you run a single line of G-code.


Jason commented on this, noting, “I am not worried or concerned when a student is going to be making a part, they can go and do it. I can be confident that they are going to have a good part and are not going to crash the machine. “


A recent example of the important role TruePath plays in their shop was while working on a part with a student at the school. Church, who was trying to show a student a typical workflow and teach the student a variety of concepts, opted to pull a program from the TITANS of CNC website. In order to this run this part on their machine, Church scaled it down so that it would be able to fit within the envelope of their VF-2.


All was fine, until the program was run through TruePath and an error occurred. When scaling down the part in their CAM System, the tooling remained the same. This meant that the tooling was too long. With TruePath, Church was able to see the overtravel and correct it, saving them from having to scrap a part.


Following this story, Jason added, “why would you not have this if you can get it for the equipment that you have.”


Learn more about the University of UNM here:

Include TruePath at Your School

  • Trained on software with universal compatibility and seamless integration to your CAM systems
  • Learn complex machining concepts about 5-axis, mill-turn, and multi-tasking/multi-turret machines
  • Work with highly detailed machine models straight from the manufacturers
  • Take advantage of CAMplete’s existing expertise in multi-axis machine simulation and post-processing
  • Students learn everything they need to know about generating proven edit-free G-Code, analyze, modify and simulate real tool motion in an integrated 3D environment
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