Matsuura CNC

CAMplete Machine Partner - Matsuura

Matsuura produces a wide range of outstanding high speed machining centers covering all industry sectors. These include horizontals and verticals in all sizes, configured with 3 to 5 axis, single table, twin and multi pallet systems, twin spindles and tool changers, cell systems and a large range of ultra high speed linear motor machines. Recognized as a technology leader in the world of high performance machining, their customer base spans aerospace, automotive and motorsport, electronics, telecommunications, medical research and mold & die industries. Matsuura CNC machines can be purchased both directly and through their dealer network. Matsuura offers CAMplete TruePath and Intelligent Protections System worldwide as an option for all of their Fanuc and Siemens based 4-Axis, 5-Axis and Cublex machines.

Matsuura offers 4 Series of machining solutions listed below. For more information on CAMplete and your Matsuura CNC machines, visit

MX Series 

For a smooth transition to 5-axis machining, the MX has been designed with a RAM type structure, offering a compact & highly durable machining platform. Design advances have afforded the MX a large machining enclosure, within this class. Matsuura’s established high accuracy & reliability comes as standard with the MX Series.

CAMplete Machine Partner - MX-330   Matsuura MX-330 CAMplete Simulation


CAMplete Machine Partner - Matsuura MX 520  

MAM Series

MAM Series is ideal for the processing of large geometrically complex components. MAM series machines features a world leading “MAXIA spindle” that achieves high-speed & high-accuracy in a myriad of materials.

CAMplete Machine Partner - Matsuura MAM72  Matsuura MAM72 CAMplete Simulation


The CUBLEX series is a 5-axis multi-tasking machining center. Its high precision multi-tasking achieves sustained unmanned production and ultimate process integration. New possibility of “production” begins from CUBLEX series.

CAMplete Machine Partner - Cublex 42   Matsuura Cublex 42 CAMplete Simulation

Linear Motor Machines

Matsuura’s Linear Motor Machine series provides high speed and high precision. Dedicated to the high-speed market for impellers, dental and medical devices, precision molds and optical components.


CAMplete Machine Partners - Matsuura LX-160   Matsuura LX-160 CAMplete Simulation