For over 81 years, Kitamura Machinery has created innovative machining centers that meet the strictest demands of manufacturers worldwide. By combining the best practices from decades of hands-on experience, extreme personal attention to detail and the latest technology advances, offering a line of horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers that provide customers with improved productivity through easy adaptability, reductions in defects, and accurate, reliable long-term performance.

Kitamura has partnered with CAMplete to make CAMplete TruePath a standard with the purchase of any machining center. This partnership ensures all 5-Axis Kitamura Machines are equipped with the neccesary verification, optimization and post-processing software needed to save users both time and money.

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Kitamura MyTrunnion Series

This series is ideal for ultra-high precision simultaneous 5-axis machining. For customers that require precision coupled with speed and rigidity for machining small to medium components, this unparalleled level of precision is achieved by hand-scraping of all major sub-assemblies, coupled with linear scale feedback on all axes. Equipped with CAMplete Truepath, the MyTrunnion series provides the high level of precision Kitamura customers know, combined with the power of CAMplete’s simulation, optimization and post-processing software.

 MyTrunnion-4G CAMplete Machine PartnerMyTrunnion-4G CAMplete Simulated Model  

MyTrunnion-7G CAMplete Machine PartnerMyTrunnion-7G CAMplete Simulated Model