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CAMplete Machine Partner- GF Machining Solutions

In modern machining technology, there is an ever-increasing trend towards high levels of availability and greater flexibility. The demand is for even better machining quality, shorter turnaround times and improved, more cost-effective solutions. The future oriented strategy for the standard machines produced by GF Machining Solutions is based on this development. From the complete range of machines, toolmakers, mold makers and component manufactures can select individual solution in order to gain a competitive edge. Through their extensive worldwide sales and dealer network, GF Machining Solutions sells CAMplete TruePath with their entire line of Heidenhain based GF Machining Solutions 5-Axis milling machines.

GF offers 3 Series of machining solutions listed below. For more information on CAMplete and your GF Machining Solutions machines, visit

Mikron HPM Series

HPM machines are intended for the universal production of high-quality parts with 3, 4 or 5 axes. State-of-the-art motor-spindles, direct drive round and swivelling axes and the solid machine body offer the very best conditions hand in hand with a modern scalable tool magazine system, the well-proven pallet magazine and suitable cleaning and disposal solution for each chip/coolant situation to achieve precise and economical production requiring minimal amount of space.

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HPM 1350U  Mikron HPM 1350U CAMplete Simulation

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HPM 450U Mikron HPM 450U CAMplete Simulation

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HPM 800UMikron HPM 800U CAMplete Simulation


Mikron HSM Series

HSM machines combine accuracy, extreme dynamics and high machining speeds with other important aspects, such as excellent chip removal, high flexibility, extraordinarily good ergonomics and possibility for automation. This makes HSM machines an ideal manufacturing facility for prototype and mold making and also for workshop.

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HSM 200U Mikron 600 HSM200U-LP CAMplete Simulation

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HSM 600U-LPMikron HSM600U-LP CAMplete Simulation


Mikron HEM Series

Flexibility, a compact and simple design, and ease of use are the hallmarks of the new 5-side milling machine from GF Machining Solutions.

 CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HEM500  Mikron HEM500 CAMplete Simulation

CAMplete Machine Partner - Mikron HEM700Mikron HEM700 CAMplete Simulation